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Our Services include assessment and advice on:

Emission estimation/environmental exposure assessment.

  • Including higher tier/probabilistic modelling for aquatic exposure estimation refinement for spray drift and runoff.

We have data libraries of receiving water characteristics for dryland cropping regions and tropical/subtropical cropping regions in Australia and can undertake detailed spray drift and runoff assessments applying these real world data. Contact us to learn more!

Advice on the environmental behaviour (fate) of chemicals including:

  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Biodegradation (persistence) in different environmental media;
  • Bioaccumulation;
  • Interpretation and summaries of laboratory and field studies;
  • Multimedia (environmental distribution) modelling;
  • Estimation of exposure concentrations;
  • Higher tier ground and aerial spray drift modelling;

Environmental hazards (ecotoxicity) for:

  • Aquatic Environment;
  • Terrestrial Environment;
  • Interpretation and summaries of laboratory and field studies;
  • Estimation of acceptable or "safe threshold" exposure concentrations;

Environmental Risk Characterisation including Probabilistic Risk Assessment.

Environmental Risk Management advice.

Preparation of environmental risk assessment reports within National frameworks (APVMA, NICNAS).

Advice on risk assessment methodology.

AEA maintains a close watch on, and participates in international activities, relating to all aspects of environmental risk assessments and outcomes.

Areas of interest include:

  • Bioaccumulation*;
  • Data requirements;
  • Developments in environmental fate modelling*;
  • Environmental health;
  • General advancement in risk assessment methodology;
  • International harmonisation activities;
  • Non-target terrestrial plant risk assessment*;
  • Pharmaceuticals in environment*;

* AEA is a member of the Society of Ecotoxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) advisory groups for these issues.

(SETAC - is a worldwide professional society promoting he advancement and application of the scientific research related to the contaminants and the other stressors in the environment, including the use of science in environmental policy and decision-making).