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PERAMA (Pesticide Environment Risk Assessment Model for Australia)

PERAMA has been developed to allow rapid and consistent environmental risk assessment of pesticides in Australia within the national regulatory context. It is fully functional and includes the ability to undertake spatial and temporal assessments for surface water exposure. The model performs Australian specific assessments with respect to receiving environments and for our unique fauna including birds, marsupials and native rodents.

  • PERAMA has been under development for several years;
  • The software has been applied in several registration assessments undertaken for the APVMA and resulting in conclusions of acceptable environmental risk for many new active constituents where traditional screening approaches did not allow supporting the new chemistry;
  • The software IS NOT an end-point setting tool, rather, it standardizes exposure calculations and characterizes risk based on exposure and end-points as determined by assessors;
  • The software does not assess to new methodology. It applies APVMA specific methodology or international best practice. Full model documentation is available to allow confidence in the outcomes and increase transparency;
  • These methodologies have been applied by the APVMA in complex reviews (eg, methiocarb) and in registration decisions for new chemistry.

Different exposure scenarios result in different risk profiles. The following fees are based on single exposure scenarios for the specific modules of the environmental risk assessment.


Where a full assessment is required, and all modules are assessed, a reduced fee structure is proposed. Further reductions in the fees are applied for additional exposure scenarios within the same risk assessment.

It is the intention that the software will ultimately be available as a web based tool whereby users can log in and access their own end-points to perform the necessary calculations. During the process of this development, users can access the PERAMA software through Australian Environment Agency Pty Ltd simply by sending the relevant end-points and use pattern(s) requiring a risk assessment, and identifying which modules are required.


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